Barter For Almost Anything For Going Green

I'd like this to be a great place to barter for both you and me. So, here is a list of what I'll barter for. You can pay for it outright where it has a price listed, includes shipping. Or, where there is no price then the sky is the limit.

I like recycled things for going green. Handmade just about anything useful. No dust collectors.

Soaps (organic/natural honey/oatmeal, unscented goatsmilk, raspberry), decaf teas, pet toys, organic jams (sugar free or low sugar), embroidery floss, cotton batting, velcro, wool felt or cotton felt, tea cups just to name a few.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Tip#7:More Great Freebie Websites

Green Tip#7: These are just too good not to share. I have been searching the web for more great deals and found a few I've checked out and wanted to share with you today.
First up, Listia is a free auction listing and bidding website. That's right you can get things for absolutely free or just pay for shipping.
You earn points for signing up and for refering friends. You also earn for listing items and bidding and winning auctions. And when you complete the check list they have on the first page you get more points.  So be sure to complete everything don't just sign-up and stop. Proceed so you can start getting free stuff.
Go to my link at:

Second up, Thefreesite is another cool freebie site. It's a directory of where you can get more free stuff. Some of them require you complete offers from companies to get the free stuff.  I've only done that once for a $250 gift card. I'm still in the waiting process for the companies to post that I completed their offer. It takes up to 30 days for them to report and another 30 days before you get your gift card. But, it's worth it for free food or merchandise.

Third up, Freeflys is a great freebie site for samples and coupons and doing surveys and gettig paid or get free stuff.  I like this one because you actually get the samples for free without having to qualify by buying or signing up for more stuff.  I'll send out referal emails for this one.  They ask for you to refer people to support their site and sponors.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Green Tip#6:Freecycle Your Trash for Treasures

Tip #6: Freecycle your trash for treasures.  We all know that we have a closet or drawer full of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years.  Come on confess you don't need it cause you havn't used it in all this time.
And, if you're like me you can't even start to set up your own garage sale anymore and your family is busy working and tired so why put the burden on them?  So, want to know how you can give away all that unwanted stuff and get things you need in return?

Well, I'm gonna tell ya.  It's called Freecycle and they are all over the world. I just saw a listing for London and Canada.  Google freecycle and your city and follow the directions for joining and as soon as your approved your off to the races.

I've given away clothes, home decor, an old garage door, books and soon to be tons more. 

Rules: You have to offer so many free things first then you can post a wanted ad once every 7 days.  Then you have to be fast and look at the posts daily for things others are giving away that you might need.  And, then hope that they pick you out of the 25 that request it.

So, it is a waiting game.  But, you can hope to get something you ask for sooner or later.  My main goal was to get rid of stuff.  A clutter free house is a happy house.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Tip #5: Four Clean-ups That Will Save You Money

Green Tip#5: Four Clean-ups that will save you money. I go to the experts to find my money saving tips. They do all the research for you and take the guess work out of what works and what doesn't.  In my library of must have on hand books is one called: "A Cure For All Diseases" by Hulda Clark, Ph.D., N.D. This book is a must have for all households in my opinion.  Once, you get it you'll see what I mean.
On page 397 she starts with "Easy Lifestyle Improvements" that covers ways to keep from getting sick to reducing germs.  It covers, better eating habits, laundry habits, kitchen habits and better housekeeping habits.
Then on page 409 she starts with the "Four Cleanups," Dental, Diet, Body and Home.
Finally, on page 513-560 she has Recipes that covers the four clean-ups.

I'll give you one recipe from each section to whet your appetite. You'll just have to get the book, I'm tellin ya now you'll be happy you did.

Tip#6: Your Own Soda Pop- Excellent for stomach problems. Put 1 teaspoon citric acid, 2 tablespoons vegetable glycerin (look online) 2 tablespoons honey (agave, maple sryup) and 1 lemon juiced by hand, into a quart jr and fill with cold water. Refrigerate until ready to use. Then add 1 teaspoon of pure baking soda (Spectrum Chemical Co) and shake a few times, keeping the lid tight. Pour over ice.
Variations: Blended fruits in the blender added to the above recipe. You can add ginger or other spice to give it zip in place of the lemon.
Note: If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, esophagus problems or edema don't use baking soad use potassium bicarbonate instead.  Ask you doctor for the proper ratio. Limit yourself to one glass a day even if you don't have the above problems.  (author's tips)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Tip#4:Saving on Meals

Green Tip#4: Saving on Meals- Food takes a huge chunk of our weekly budget.  Here are some ways to save on your food costs and still enjoy yourself.  A few years back I did some research for a way to cut food costs for our family. 
First up,  I found a book called, "Miserly Meals" by Jonni McCoy.  Her books are full of great ideas for families to save on the cost of food each month.

She gives you meals that cost under .75 cents per person. Now, that is a big savings.  And, she gives you great ways to make your own sustitutions for seasoning blends and meat free meals and more. Fourteen chapter's from Pantry basics to Measurements and Coversion charts.

Second up, Frugal Families is another one of Jonni's  books to help you budget your hard earned money.  This book has fifteen chapter's filled with everything to do with family activities and how to do them on a budget.

Third up, Miserly Mom's her third book to help Mom's who want to work from home or who need to learn how to live on one income instead of two.  This book I havn't read yet myself.  I found the first two so helpful that I didn't look into this one. But, now that I joined  BookSwim, the books through the mail club, I'm going to add it to my list.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Tip#3:Green Challenges & Borrow Books Through the Mail

Tip #3: Green Challenges & Borrow Books Through the Mail- First up a website that rewards you for doing the green challenges.  For those that are members of the MJF sisterhood we are familiar with doing green challenges. We call them Merit Badges.

But, how about doing green things and getting something good in return from other green minded companies. Bolder is one of those companies. I joined and got a nice welcome email from them thanking me for joining in their cause to make this earth greener. Go to and join today.

Second up, Borrow books through the mail. You may have plenty of time on your hand to run to your local library, but some of us either don't drive or just don't have the time to go as often as they'd like to.  You know how Netflix let's you get movies through the mail for a low membership price?  Well, BookSwim does the same idea just with books.

To join the first thing you'll want to do is go to the site I told you about that gives you discounts off memberships,  and search for the bookswim coupons.  Then get your code for the discount you want and then join

I thought this was a great idea because instead of having stacks of books left over after you've read them and are no longer interested in keeping them your stuck with finding a way to get rid of them for either cash or just giving them away.
But, with bookswim you just read the book and return it, no more stacks of unwanted books.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Green Tip #2-Saving on Memberships & Purchases

Green Tip#2-Where to save big before you join that book club or buy that printer ink cartridge. I love it when I find these coupon websites that give back for shopping with different retailers.
First up, you just download their toolbar and join and you off to great savings. Just search for the item your wanting to buy or the store to see what savings you will be offered.

Second up, is another great place to get discounts off club memberships, restraunts and more. I joined one book club and guess what, later I found this website and that they had 50% off the first months membership.  So before you buy anything go to these two website first and see if you can save on that purchase. 
I bought my hp ink with free s&h, love it! at the website retailmenot had listed. It was not a refurbished one either. I'll go ahead and share that code with you and the website.  code:skip

Please share with us any savings websites you know of that I don't have here so we all can benefit together.

Where to Find Great Free Stuff

If you love to barter and find free stuff like I do then subscribe to my blog cause I going to share with you all the great places I find where you can get a good deal either through bartering or free. And, who doesn't need to get things that you really are in need of cheaper or free these days?

Tip#1-Suddenly Frugal, is a book and a blog. I bought the book not knowing there was a blog also. This tip is first because on her blog every friday, she gives you a place you can get free stuff within a 7 day window. Act fast because they don't stay up the full 7 days. I found that out the hard way, very disappointed on missing out on a great deal.

I've got some really wonderful tips that I'll keep sharing with you, so check in daily for the next free website and tip of the day.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tupperware Tumblers/Pitcher/Bowls Lot

New and Used Tupperware tumblers/pitcher/bowls lot on sale on my ebay listing below. Buy now and save big! 100% positive feedback and customer satisfaction guaranteed!

Tupperware tumblers/cereal container/quick shake and free recipe book special price

Tupperware Flat-Out Bowl New Free Bonus Offer

Friday, May 21, 2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arts and Crafts Supplies, Cross Stitch, Cookbooks

Misses and junior shirts size Medium all in good condition. Some never worn.
TakenNew acrylic paints 8 total earthtones.

Hair bows, barettes, scrunchies, rubber bands, all colors and sizes 100ct.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Scrapbook Papers

I've seperated papers into one pound stacks approx. 40 sheets. (3)12x12 and (3)8 1/2x11
If you'd like to barter for these a $6 value includes shipping.
I use organic goats milk and oil soaps unscented or honey & oatmeal or raspberry, jams, embroidery floss, cotton batting, velcro, just email me for what you have available that is not on the list and we can make a deal.

Women's shorts and Junior Jeans

Misses size 6 waist measures 32 inches too big for my 29" $20 includes shipping

Juniors size 5 28" waist $20 includes shipping

These are both new with tags.

Tupperware, Tupperware

32 oz. tumbler with lid $10.00 Includes shipping New
Will take 1/2 cash and 1/2 trade for any item of Tupperware plus shipping

adjusts to three sizes new $8

deviled egg server new $10

stay put mixing bowl new $25

$10Plates $10/Mugs $10$30Not this color, same color as the plates above

$25 meat taker/cupcake taker


Lunchmeat/cheese keeper $15.00 Includes shipping

Set of four small bowls/lids $13.00 Includes shipping New

Taken 2 quart pitcher used $13 includes shipping

shaker for mixing drink mix or eggs $10 Includes shipping New

Several 4 piece sets of 10 oz tumblers in fun colors $15 Includes shipping New