Barter For Almost Anything For Going Green

I'd like this to be a great place to barter for both you and me. So, here is a list of what I'll barter for. You can pay for it outright where it has a price listed, includes shipping. Or, where there is no price then the sky is the limit.

I like recycled things for going green. Handmade just about anything useful. No dust collectors.

Soaps (organic/natural honey/oatmeal, unscented goatsmilk, raspberry), decaf teas, pet toys, organic jams (sugar free or low sugar), embroidery floss, cotton batting, velcro, wool felt or cotton felt, tea cups just to name a few.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Green Tip#4:Saving on Meals

Green Tip#4: Saving on Meals- Food takes a huge chunk of our weekly budget.  Here are some ways to save on your food costs and still enjoy yourself.  A few years back I did some research for a way to cut food costs for our family. 
First up,  I found a book called, "Miserly Meals" by Jonni McCoy.  Her books are full of great ideas for families to save on the cost of food each month.

She gives you meals that cost under .75 cents per person. Now, that is a big savings.  And, she gives you great ways to make your own sustitutions for seasoning blends and meat free meals and more. Fourteen chapter's from Pantry basics to Measurements and Coversion charts.

Second up, Frugal Families is another one of Jonni's  books to help you budget your hard earned money.  This book has fifteen chapter's filled with everything to do with family activities and how to do them on a budget.

Third up, Miserly Mom's her third book to help Mom's who want to work from home or who need to learn how to live on one income instead of two.  This book I havn't read yet myself.  I found the first two so helpful that I didn't look into this one. But, now that I joined  BookSwim, the books through the mail club, I'm going to add it to my list.

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