Barter For Almost Anything For Going Green

I'd like this to be a great place to barter for both you and me. So, here is a list of what I'll barter for. You can pay for it outright where it has a price listed, includes shipping. Or, where there is no price then the sky is the limit.

I like recycled things for going green. Handmade just about anything useful. No dust collectors.

Soaps (organic/natural honey/oatmeal, unscented goatsmilk, raspberry), decaf teas, pet toys, organic jams (sugar free or low sugar), embroidery floss, cotton batting, velcro, wool felt or cotton felt, tea cups just to name a few.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Green Tip#7:More Great Freebie Websites

Green Tip#7: These are just too good not to share. I have been searching the web for more great deals and found a few I've checked out and wanted to share with you today.
First up, Listia is a free auction listing and bidding website. That's right you can get things for absolutely free or just pay for shipping.
You earn points for signing up and for refering friends. You also earn for listing items and bidding and winning auctions. And when you complete the check list they have on the first page you get more points.  So be sure to complete everything don't just sign-up and stop. Proceed so you can start getting free stuff.
Go to my link at:

Second up, Thefreesite is another cool freebie site. It's a directory of where you can get more free stuff. Some of them require you complete offers from companies to get the free stuff.  I've only done that once for a $250 gift card. I'm still in the waiting process for the companies to post that I completed their offer. It takes up to 30 days for them to report and another 30 days before you get your gift card. But, it's worth it for free food or merchandise.

Third up, Freeflys is a great freebie site for samples and coupons and doing surveys and gettig paid or get free stuff.  I like this one because you actually get the samples for free without having to qualify by buying or signing up for more stuff.  I'll send out referal emails for this one.  They ask for you to refer people to support their site and sponors.

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