Barter For Almost Anything For Going Green

I'd like this to be a great place to barter for both you and me. So, here is a list of what I'll barter for. You can pay for it outright where it has a price listed, includes shipping. Or, where there is no price then the sky is the limit.

I like recycled things for going green. Handmade just about anything useful. No dust collectors.

Soaps (organic/natural honey/oatmeal, unscented goatsmilk, raspberry), decaf teas, pet toys, organic jams (sugar free or low sugar), embroidery floss, cotton batting, velcro, wool felt or cotton felt, tea cups just to name a few.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Green Tip#6:Freecycle Your Trash for Treasures

Tip #6: Freecycle your trash for treasures.  We all know that we have a closet or drawer full of stuff that hasn't seen the light of day for years.  Come on confess you don't need it cause you havn't used it in all this time.
And, if you're like me you can't even start to set up your own garage sale anymore and your family is busy working and tired so why put the burden on them?  So, want to know how you can give away all that unwanted stuff and get things you need in return?

Well, I'm gonna tell ya.  It's called Freecycle and they are all over the world. I just saw a listing for London and Canada.  Google freecycle and your city and follow the directions for joining and as soon as your approved your off to the races.

I've given away clothes, home decor, an old garage door, books and soon to be tons more. 

Rules: You have to offer so many free things first then you can post a wanted ad once every 7 days.  Then you have to be fast and look at the posts daily for things others are giving away that you might need.  And, then hope that they pick you out of the 25 that request it.

So, it is a waiting game.  But, you can hope to get something you ask for sooner or later.  My main goal was to get rid of stuff.  A clutter free house is a happy house.

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